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COVID-19 Alert/Planning Update

05/12/20 update 

Although there is much uncertainty about the future, Milestone Financial Planning is able to guide you through it. We take the safety of our clients, staff, and community extremely seriously. Milestone assists clients all over the country and we were equipped to service clients remotely well before stay at home orders and social distancing were in place. If you are living in the New Hampshire or Massachusetts area and are more accustomed to meeting in person, we can assist you virtually through video conferencing, phone, and email.   

We have all experienced many changes to our daily lives and routines over the last weeks. The government has also passed legislation, through the CARES Act, to assist individuals and businesses during these times. Milestone keeps abreast of these changes to assist our clients as it impacts their financial lives. Some of the legislation includes:   

  • Direct payments to individuals 
  • Enhanced unemployment benefits, including many individuals who typically wouldn’t qualify 
  • Special penalty-free distributions from certain retirement accounts 
  • Waiver of required minimum distributions (RMDs) in 2020 
  • Certain forgivable loans and tax credits to eligible businesses 

For more details you can read our post on the CARES Act.  

When it comes to financial planning there is much to consider. We find that during turbulent times many of the issues that often get brushed aside when things are “normal” such as saving for retirement, estate planning, and overall investment selection, get brought to the forefront. There are also crucial tax planning opportunities that may get missed without the guidance of a seasoned professional. These include decisions about making Roth conversions, harvesting investment losses, or how Social Security and required minimum distributions (RMDs) will impact your future taxes.    

If you are interested in becoming a client you can reach out for more details about Milestone and how we can help you reach your financial goals by contacting us HERE.

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