What Should I Expect During the Financial Planning Process?

 When you work with Mosaic Financial Advisors, you can expect to be treated with respect.  We take the time to listen and understand each individual client situation.

Procedurally, you can expect the process to look like this . . .

  • Initial Contact

Mosaic Financial Advisors offers a no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation to provide you with the opportunity to assess whether Mosaic Financial Advisors is a good “fit” for you.  When you contact us, we will provide you with a brief description of our services, investment philosophy, and fees, and answer any questions that you might have.

  • Defining the Relationship

If you decide to engage us to provide financial planning and investment management services, we will prepare an Advisory Services Agreement for your signature, spelling out the services to be provided, the agreed-upon fee, and other terms of the engagement.

  • Data Collection

We will provide you with data collection templates and questionnaires, as well as a list of requested documents in order to provide structure and guidance for pulling your information together.

  • Relationship Building

Information is not all quantitative.  We spend time listening to you and getting to know you.  Creating a financial plan that is meaningful both in design and in implementation depends on communication every step of the way.

  • Analysis and Base Plan Preparation

Once we receive the documents and information that we need, we turn to analyzing what has been provided. We look at your current investment portfolio, cash flow, net worth, savings, employee benefits, tax situation, estate plan, and insurance coverage in order to prepare a Base Plan.  The Base Plan shows a picture of today, and the probability of attaining your goals if no changes are made.  You have an opportunity to review the Base Plan for accuracy, assumptions, and reasonableness before we proceed with the planning process.

  • Developing the Financial Plan

With the Base Plan in place, and a firm understanding of your financial objectives, we move to assessing various scenarios.  We seek to improve the probability of achieving your financial goals by reviewing the impact of various recommendations.

  • Presenting the Financial Plan

We generally schedule multiple meetings to go over

  • The Investment Review, and
  • The Financial Plan

In each case we take the time to present our recommendations and listen to your thoughts and concerns.

  • Implementation

A financial plan is useless if it sits on the shelf.  Implementation is critical to success, and we work closely with you to ensure that the implementation process moves forward.  You may request us to coordinate efforts with attorneys, insurance agents, accountants or other financial professionals.

  • Monitoring Results

Life is change.  The one thing of which we can be certain is that your financial plan will become outdated almost as soon as it is implemented.  We continue to monitor your investments, provide performance reporting, and encourage dialogue about all aspects of your financial plan.  On a periodic basis, we may decide together that it is time for an update to the plan that is in place, or test out scenarios at various decisions points.